Information about attractions in Mikkelparken after the flood 23.07.2023

Updated 26.07.23

On the 23.07.23, parts of Mikkelparken was impacted by a river that flooded next to the park, that caused damage to some of our attractions. The area with the electric cars and the bumper boats was impacted the hardest, and is now closed due to the damages.

The attractions that will remain closed until further notice are the electric cars, bumper boats and the labyrinth. Due to extensive damage, we don’t expect the elecric cars or bumper boats to open again during the 2023 season.
The sales point “Knaskebua” that sells ice cream, waffles, coffee and other snacks, will also remain closed.
All other attractions in the park is open as normal!

As additional measures, Mikkelparken has created a “pop-up” track for electric cars, below the attraction “Grashoppa” at the right side of the park. This track will be up and running for the remaining part of the season.
We have also done some of our pay-activities free for all the children, and they will receive coupons for these when they arrive to the park.

Further restrictions on ticket numbers!

Due to our area being more restricted, we have found it necessary to reduce the number of tickets available to the park, in order to avoid much ques and secure a good experience for all our guests.

Therefore it’s crucial for everyone planning on visiting Mikkelparken, to book their tickets in advance, as there are fewer tickets available, and they might get sold out faster than before.
We do not sell tickets at the entrance of the park on the days where we are sold out, so it’s very important that you buy your tickets online before driving towards Mikkelaprken.

We at Mikkelparken are very sorry for the damage that has happened to the park and how it affects our guest’s experience. However, we are very happy that the damage is limited, and that we can continue the season with an open park, and keep creating happy childhood memories for the rest of the season!