Opening hours and ticket prices

Open 10:00 - 18:00 on opening days

Ticket information

Prebook your tickets!

Because of limited capacity in Mikkelparken, all tickets must be booked prior to the visit. It's not possible to buy tickets at the entrence of the park, all tickets must be booked online.

Senior discount

We have special discount for seniors from 67 years age. Also if you have a "honnørkort", you can book this ticket type.

Children under 2 years

Children under 2 years access the park for free, and don't need to have a prebooked ticket.

Birthday children under 12 years

Children that are 12 years or younger and have a birthday on the day they visit the park, are free and don't need to buy the ticket. The rest of the company have to book the ticket as normal.


You can always cancel your booking within 24 hours after the time of purchase. Contact Mikkelparken for help with cancellation.
Exception: You can not cancel the same date as the product (i.e. ticket) is valid for. That means that if you have bought a ticket for Mikkelparken the day before your visit, you can not cancel the ticket the day after (the day of use) even if this is within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Cancellations made after the 24-hour rule, will not be refunded.

Change of tickets/dates

You can change the date of your ticket to Mikkelparken until 14 days before the day of use (the ticket date). If you wish to change the date on your ticket, you can do this on My page. By changes made on the phone/e-mail, there is a fee of 30 NOK each ticket.
When you change the date on My page, your ticket will be cancelled, and you will receive a code that you use as as payment for your new tickets.
Please note that the prices are dynamic, and change of tickets may cause extra cost.

Stay overnight just next to Mikkelparken!

Stay overnight just next to Mikkelparken!

Just across the road from Mikkelparken, you find Mikkelparken Ferietun, a cozy campsite with family friendly accomodation and camping. Here you find pool, playground, trampoline, minigolf and more. And of course - only a short walk to Mikkelparken!

Accomodation nearby

Accomodation nearby

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