Opening hours and ticket prices

Open 10:00 - 18:00 on opening days

Ticket information

Prebook your tickets!

Because of limited capacity in Mikkelparken, all tickets must be booked prior to the visit. It's not possible to buy tickets at the entrence of the park, all tickets must be booked online.

Senior discount

We have special discount for seniors from 67 years age. Also if you have a "honnørkort", you can book this ticket type.

Children under 2 years

Children under 2 years access the park for free, and don't need to have a prebooked ticket.

Birthday children under 12 years

Children that are 12 years or younger and have a birthday on the day they visit the park, are free and don't need to buy the ticket. The rest of the company have to book the ticket as normal.


You can always cancel your booking within 24 hours after the time of purchase. Contact Mikkelparken for help with cancellation.
Exception: You can not cancel the same date as the product (i.e. ticket) is valid for. That means that if you have bought a ticket for Mikkelparken the day before your visit, you can not cancel the ticket the day after (the day of use) even if this is within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Cancellations made after the 24-hour rule, will not be refunded.

Change of tickets/dates

You can change the date of your ticket to Mikkelparken until 14 days before the day of use (the ticket date). If you wish to change the date on your ticket, you can do this on My page. By changes made on the phone/e-mail, there is a fee of 30 NOK each ticket.
When you change the date on My page, your ticket will be cancelled, and you will receive a code that you use as as payment for your new tickets.
Please note that the prices are dynamic, and change of tickets may cause extra cost.

Practical information

Food and drink

In Mikkelparken we have two cafes and several self service kiosks.

Solkroa has lunch plate with hamburger, local sausage, potatoe salad and garden salad. Adjusted plate for children.
In Skoskogen you can get pizza, some baked goods and grab and go products.

Our self service kiosks have soda, ice cream, slush, coffee etc.

Mikkelparken sell babyfood and we have microwave available for heating.

Alcohol is not allowed in Mikkelparken.


Mikkelparken have two available barbeques you can borrow if you want to make your own meal. These are placed outside the indoor play area Karibia. It's not allowed with disposable grill.
We follow our local fire department's recommendations abot barbequing.


It's possible to use a wheelchair in Mikkelparken, but some of the paveways are a bit steep. We have HCP toilet by Solkroa and Skoskogen.

Baby stroller

You can bring your own stroller to Mikkelparken. We don't have strollers for rent.


It's not allowed to bring your dog or pet inside Mikkelparken. We have free "dog parking" outside the park. Here we have dog cages placed in a shaded area. Register for the dog parking inside the park and receive a lock for the cage.

There are in total 8 cages, and it's not allowed to reserve in advance.

Changing rooms and showering

In Tropefryd water park, we have changing rooms and showers. The changing rooms are in the purple buildings, and showers are next to the changing rooms in the middle of the area. There are also showers under the big slide.

Nursery and breastfeeding

We have changing tables in the HCP toilets by Solkroa and Skoskogen. We unfortunately don't have own breastfeeding rooms/areas, but feel free to breastfeed wherever you want. There are comfortable sofas in Skoskogen and Karibia.

Lost and Found

All lost things are taken care of in a short period. Did you forget something in Mikkelparken, contact us as soon as possible on e-mail: with a description of what you forgot. We will then check the Lost and found area, and answer you back as soon as possible. After approximately 3 weeks, we will donate or throw away clothes and other things that have not been asked for.


It's only allowed to smoke in designated areas in the park. These areas are below Solkroa, behind the house by Krasjbåt and below the indoor play area Karibia.

Stay overnight just next to Mikkelparken!

Stay overnight just next to Mikkelparken!

Just across the road from Mikkelparken, you find Mikkelparken Ferietun, a cozy campsite with family friendly accomodation and camping. Here you find pool, playground, trampoline, minigolf and more. And of course - only a short walk to Mikkelparken!

Accomodation nearby

Accomodation nearby

Check out accomodation in Kinsarvik and nearby areas

Safety in Mikkelparken

Fire safety

There are fire extinguisher in all buildings in Mikkelparken

First aid

All our staff members have gone through a first aid course. If you are in need of first aid, you can always contact one of our team members. We have first aid kits at all our attractions and in the entrance building and reception at Mikkelparken Ferietun.


There is a defibrillator in the entrance building, on the wall next to the cash register. In Mikkelparken Ferietun there is a defibrillator on the wall in tthe reception.

Entertainment in the park

Bye bye binky!

Bye bye binky!

Main stage
Every day at 13:00
Did you outgrow your pacifier? At 13:00 you can say goodbye to your binky and leave it with Mikkeline. She will take good care of it!

Meeting Mikkel and his friends

Due to covid-19, it's not possible to hug or give high five to the mascots. However, they always say yes to a picture together with you!

Water temperature

All pools and splash area in Trypefryd have heated water, approximately 30 degrees.

Rules for swimming

Mikkelparken has lifeguards with CPR training. However, all children must swim together with adults.

We have pools with different depths. It varys from 40 cm, 80 cm, 110 cm and 120 cm.

You must be minimum 130 cm tall to go on the big slide. Don't go with your head first in the slides, and don't go too close to the person in front of you.

All diaper children must use swim diapers when in the pool and in the splash areas. This can normally be purchased in the entrance of the park.

Map and contact

Hardangertun Hytter og

Kinsarvikvegen 64
5780 Kinsarvik
(Org nr 878 707 192)


Mikkelparken has free parking and a parking lot just next to the park. If there is no available parking spots, you can park by Hardanger Bestikk, approximately 300 meters from Mikkelparken. Mikkelparken has HCP parking.

Charging of electric cars

At the parking lot outside Mikkelparken, there are 8 charging stations by Recharge: 2 x CHAdeMO, 2 x CCS and 4 x Type 2
At the Esso gas station in central Kinsarvik, there are 5 charging stations by Mer: 2 x CHAdeMO, 2 x CCS and 1 x Type 2.

It's not possible to charge your car on Mikkelparken Ferietun.