Terms and conditions

Edited 14.01.2022.
Added nr. 6 about Mikkelbuffet.

Edited 01.12.2021
Updated cancellation rules, animals/pets, cleaning. All bookings made after publication date follows the new terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions. 

Important: Your order is confirmed only when you have received your e-mail receipt.

These terms and conditions are not valid for groups. 

Terms and conditions for booking Mikkelparken’s products – tickets, accomodation and other additional products. 

You are responsible to provide the correct information, such as correctly spelled name, address, e-mail and phone number. Mikkelparken does not take responsibility for orders that due to technical issues have not come through. 

When booking multiple cabins, apartments or camping spots, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that these are located next to each other, unless you have booked spesific units and have been given the numbers of the unit on your order confirmation.

Check-in at cabins, apartments and luxury tents are from 15:00 and check-out before 11:00.
Check in at camping pitch from 15:00 and check-out before 13:00.  

1.Booking accomodation and tickets:

These booking rules works as a contract for accomodation and tickets.

The goal behind the rules are to clarify the responsibility of Mikkelparken and our guests.

2. Guests responsibility

The personin charge of the booking, must be 20 years or older. This also applies to the person responsible during the stay.

3. Payment

When booking online, all accomodation/tickets must be paid with card immediately. If you are living in Norway, you can also pay with Vipps, invoice and partial payment.

Bookings done by phone/e-mail will receive an e-mail with a payment link to finish the payment. If the payment is not done, there will be a reminder sent to you about 2 weeks before arrival date. Payment at arrival must be agreed in advance.


The tickets are sent to you together with an order confirmation on e-mail, and is also available on My Page. The validity date is stated on the ticket, and the ticket can only be used by one person (2-days ticket and seasonal passes can not be used by different persons).
If you have not received your ticket on e-mail after your purchase, please check spam mail and contact Mikkelparken if you have not received the confirmation. Your order is only valid when you have received your order confirmation.
Day-tickets or seasonal passes than for some reason haven’t been used, will not be refunded.


You can always cancel your booking within 24 hours after the time of purchase on My page (Min side), as long as the tickets are not used.
Exception: You can not cancel the same date as the product (i.e. ticket) is valid for. That means that if you have bought a ticket for Mikkelparken the day before your visit, you can not cancel the ticket the day after (the day of use) even if this is within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Cancellations made after the 24-hour rule, will not be refunded.

Change of tickets:
You can change the date of your ticket to Mikkelparken until 14 days before the day of use (the ticket date). If you wish to change the date on your ticket, you can do this on My page. For changes made on the phone/e-mail, there is a fee of 30 NOK each ticket.
When you change the date on My page, your ticket will be cancelled, and you will receive a code that you use as as payment for your new tickets.

It’s not possible to change the date of your ticket with less than 14 days to the ticket date.


When you book accomodation and accomodation with tickets, you can choose between BASIS and FLEX prices.

BASIS bookings have the lowest price and can not be cancelled or changed after 24 hours after the time of purchase. BASIS bookings must be paid directly when the booking is made.

FLEX bookings can be cancelled and changed until 15:00 two days before the arrival date on your booking. We will refund the whole amount except a cancellation fee of 100 NOK. There is an administration fee of 100 NOK by cancellation or by each change.

Changes and cancellation of bookings with accomodation can be made by e-mail to info@mikkelparken.no or by phone +4753671313.

Refunding your paid amount:

If your cancelled booking qualifies for a refund, this will always be done back to the payment card used at booking. If you paid with card or Vipps, your payment will be reimbursed to your payment card. This normally has a processing time of 2-4 working days.
If you paid with invoice, “Riverty” will handle the refund. You will then receive an e-mail from them if they need any bank details to do the refund. Refunds through invoice may take extra processing time, but you can always log in to Riverty’s home pages with BankID to check the status of your invoice.

7. Changes/cancellation on product “Mikkelbuffet”

Changes and cancellations on the prebooked product Mikkelbuffet, can be done up until 2 days before the date on the product (the date you have booked the buffet for). Please contact Mikkelparken on e-mail for help with this.


Private music devices can not be used if they disturb other guests. It is expected that all our guests show consideration for other guests. If guests are disturbed, there will be given a notice. If the disturbance does not stop, the involved part will have to leave the premises, and payment is not refunded under these circumstances.

Damages on property or equipment may be billed after departure.

We ask for silence on the campsite after 23:00 since most of our guests are families with small children.

9. ANIMALS/PETS Pets are allowed at the campsite and in the luxury tents. Pets are not allowed inside cabins and apartments. 

Pets are also not allowed inside Mikkelparken Family Park. There are cages outside the park entrance in a shaded area. If you would like to borrow a cage, you must register with your name and phone number at the entrance of the park. It’s not possible to reserve a dog cage in advance.


Cleaning of the cabin/apartment/luxury tent is included in the price. We kindly ask you to put on the dishwasher and remove garbage and empty bottles, cans ect. before check-out. If you rented bedlinen from us, it’s nice if you take it off the bed, and leave it in the cabin for us.

Mikkelparken is not responsible for circumstances beyond our control. Mikkelparken reserves the right that due to weather or technical problems may cause a shutdown of activities, attractions or entertainment. No compensation will be given if an attraction is closed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Smoking inside the cabins, apartments and luxury tents are prohibited. 

In Mikkelparken, there are dedicated zones for smoking marked on the park map. These areas are below Solkro or below the Mikkel train.


Claims of refund are to be directed to the staff in the reception or by phone (0047) 53671313 or e-mail info@mikkelparken.no


Customer data/Personal information will not be shared or sold to a third party. All Customer data/Personal information are kept within the bounds of Norwegian law. Mikkelparken may send you information regarding products, services or events that you may be interested in.


Hardangertun Hytter og Familiepark AS is legally responsible for credit card transactions made through this website. Mikkelparken updated 31/7 2021 Mikkelparken FerietunKinsarvikvegen 645780 KinsarvikNorgeOrg nr 878 707 192 Phone: 53 67 13 13E-mail: info@mikkelparken.no