Practical information

Ticket information

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

There is a limited number of tickets for sale each day in Mikkelparken. To be secured entry, you should buy a ticket here at our website in advance.

Do adults need to buy a ticket?

All persons (adults and children) that are 2 years or older, needs a ticket to enter the park. There is no price difference if you are child or adult. There are special rules for birthday kids under 12 years and senior citizens.

Who has free entrance to Mikkelparken?

Children below the age of 2 years, do not need a ticket to enter the park. As soon as the child has turned 2 years, they must have a valid ticket.

Children that are below 12 years and has a birthday on the day they are visiting Mikkelparken, will have a free entry that day. If you plan on visiting Mikkelparken for 2 days in connection with a birthday, you buy a day-ticket for the day the child does not have their birthday.

Are there special prices for senior citizens?

We have special tickets for senior citizens age 67 and older. When you buy a senior ticket, you must be able to show ID when you enter the park.

Can I cancel my ticket?

It's possible to cancel tickets that have been purchased within the last 24 hours, as long as the tickets are not used. Cancellation can be done on My page or by contacting us on e-mail.

Please note: You cannot cancel the same date as the ticket is valid for. That means that if you bought the ticket the day before your visit, you cannot cancel your ticket the next day, even if this is within 24 hours after purchase.

Cancellations that are made after the 24-hour deadline, will not be refunded.

Can I change the date of my ticket?

You can change the date on your ticket until 14 days before the entry date (the date on the ticket). If you wish to change the date, you can do this on My page. When you change your ticket, your old ticket will be cancelled and you will receive a gift card code on your e-mail that you can use to buy new tickets.

Food & Drinks

Food in Mikkelparken

In Mikkelparken there are two restaurants where you can buy hot meals.

"Solkroa" offers hamburger, baked potato, fish cakes, salads, sausage and fries.

In "Skoskogen" you can get pizza, sandwiches and baked goods.

Dinner buffet at Mikkelparken Ferietun

From 29.06.24 - 10.08.24 you can have dinner buffet "Mikkelbuffet" at the campsite Mikkelparken Ferietun just across the road from Mikkelparken.

The buffet includes different hot and cold dishes and an ice cream buffet for dessert. We recommend to prebook the buffet (and get juice/ice tea included in the price), but you can also drop-in if there is availability.

Prebook Mikkelbuffet

Takeaway at Mikkelparken Ferietun

Some weekends in may, june, august and september, we will offer pizza takeaway at Mikkelparken Ferietun. Check with the reception for the updated offer.

Coffee and snacks

In Mikkelparken there are several self service kiosks where you can get coffee, ice cream, slush, soda and different types of snacks and grab and go products.

Self service kiosks are located by the bumper boats, Tropefryd and at the market terrace.

Food allergies

We do our best to consider your allergies. We have gluten free and dairy free alternatives in Solkro, and if you don't see it on the menu, we have alternatives for most of our dishes that we make directly on request.

Please inform the staff at the restaurant if you have allergies or questions about vegetarian/vegan alternatives.


Mikkelparken has two gas grills available for our guests outside "Karibia". These are free of charge, but you need to bring your own equipment. It's not allowed to bring your own grills or disposable grills. We follow the local fire department's rules and guidelines about grilling.

Bring your own food/drink

In Mikkelparken you are allowed to bring your own food an drinks (except alcoholic beverages) in to the park. Please use our picnic tables located around the park.


There is no sale of alcohol in Mikkelaprken, and it's not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages in to the park.

At Mikkelparken Ferietun (the campsite), we have a licence to serve alcohol in the restaurant.

Grocery store

SPAR Kinsarvik is located about 400 meters from the park and campsite. They have hot meals, local food, groceries, fresh fish and much more. There is a department for clothes and hardware, and in the basement you can buy interior, toys, crafts, yarn and much more.
Opening hours in high season (end of june, to start of august): Mon-sat: 08:00 - 20:00. Sun: 12:00 - 18:00. Opening hours outside of high season might vary a bit.

Park information

Dogs and pets

It's not allowed to bring your dog or pet inside Mikkelparken. We have free "dog parking" outside the park. Here we have dog cages placed in a shaded area. Register for the dog parking inside the park and receive a lock for the cage.

There are in total 8 cages, and it's not allowed to reserve in advance.


Toilets are located by Solkroa, inside Skoskogen, in Tropefryd and close to the electric cars. There are HCP toilets between the entrance and Solkro, and inside Skoskogen.


You can buy diapers and swim diapers in the entrance of the park. We recommend to buy your necessities at SPAR Kinsarvik which is located 400 meters from the park.

Nursery and breastfeeding

We have changing tables in the HCP toilets by Solkroa and Skoskogen. We unfortunately don't have own breastfeeding rooms/areas, but feel free to breastfeed wherever you want. There are comfortable sofas in Skoskogen and Karibia.


It's possible to get around in a wheelchair in Mikkelparken, but some of the paveways are a bit steep. We have HCP toilet by Solkroa and Skoskogen.

Strollers and trolleys

You can bring your own stroller or trolley to the park. We unfortunately do not rent out strollers or trolleys.

Lost and found

All lost things are taken care of in a short period. Did you forget something in Mikkelparken, contact us as soon as possible on e-mail: with a description of what you forgot. We will then check the Lost and found area, and answer you back as soon as possible. After approximately 2 weeks, we will donate or throw away clothes and other things that have not been asked for.


It's only allowed to smoke in designated areas in the park. These areas are below Solkroa and below the indoor play area Karibia.

Swimming i Mikkelparken

Changing rooms and showering

In Tropefryd water park, we have changing rooms and showers. The changing rooms are in the purple buildings, and showers are next to the changing rooms in the middle of the area. There are also showers under the big slide.

How warm is the water?

All swimming pools and the splash area have heated water, and is about 30 degrees celcius.

Rules for swimming in Mikkelparken

Mikkelparken has their own lifegueards with approved CPR courses. However, all children must be supervised by an adult that can swim.

Before swimming, we reccomend you get to know the depth of the pools. In Mikkelparken we have different pools with deapth of 40 cm, 80 cm, 110 cm and 120 cm. We also have two infant pools that are 25 cm deep.

You should be minimum 130 cm to go on the big slide by yourself. Do not go with your head first in the water slides and do not ride to close together.

All children using diapers must wear swim diapers when they are in the pools and splash area. Swim diapers can be bougth at the entrance, at the reception of Mikkelparken Ferietun, or at SPAR.

Plan your visit

How to find us


Mikkelparken has free parking and a parking lot just next to the park. If there is no available parking spots, you can park by Hardanger Bestikk, approximately 300 meters from Mikkelparken. Mikkelparken has HCP parking.

Charging station for electric cars

At the parking lot outside Mikkelparken, there are 8 charging stations by Recharge: 2 x CHAdeMO, 2 x CCS and 4 x Type 2
At the Esso gas station in central Kinsarvik, there are 5 charging stations by Mer: 2 x CHAdeMO, 2 x CCS and 1 x Type 2.

It's not possible to charge your car on Mikkelparken Ferietun.

Travel by public transport

Travel by train

There are trains going from Oslo or Bergen to Voss. From Voss you can take the bus to Kinsarvik. Iformation about train routes and tickets are at

Det går jamnleg tog frå Oslo/Bergen til Voss. Deretter kan du ta buss frå Voss til Kinsarvik.
Informasjon om togruter finn du på

Travel by bus (From Hardanger or Voss)

Bus from Hardanger, Voss or Odda are handled by Skyss. Please check their routes at

Travel by bus (From Stavanger/Haugesund)

If you travel from Stavanger or Haugesund, you can take the bus to Odda. From there you need to change to a new bus operated by Skyss, from Odda to Kinsarvik. To check the bus routes from Stavanger or Haugesund to Odda, check out

Travel with express boat from Norheimsund

In the summer season, from 01.04 - 31.10, there is an express boat going from Norheimsund to Kinsarvik.

Boat schedule 2023:
Departure from Norheimsund at 09:00, arrival Kinsarvik 10:33.
Return from Kinsarvik at 16:40 and arrival in Norheimsund at 18:15.
Tickets and schedule for 2024 must be checked out at

Safety in Mikkelparken

In Mikkelparken, we regard your safety as extremely important. Safety is one of Mikkelparken’s core values, and we do our best to make the park feel safe for both our guests and employees.

Fire extinguishers are located in all buildings in Mikkelparken. In addition to this, there are fire hoses at different areas; i.e. next to the diggers above the entrance and outside Skoskogen.

If there is a need to evacuate the park, we have emergency exits from the gate below Grashoppa and below Solkro.

First aid: All our staff members have gone through a first aid course. If you are in need of first aid, you can always contact one of our team members. We have first aid kits at all our attractions and in the entrance building and reception at Mikkelparken Ferietun.

Defibrillator: There is a defibrillator in the entrance building. In Mikkelparken Ferietun there is a defibrillator on the wall in tthe reception.

Fire hoses, emergency ezits and defibrillators are marked on the park map.

Routines for missing children:

Have a chat with the kids before your visit to Mikkelparken about what they should do if you get separated from each other. The best scenario for children that cannot find their parents, is to stay where they are instead of wandering around looking for their parents. A good alternative is to agree on a meeting place in case you cannot find each other. For the youngest children, it is a good idea to write name and phone number of a parent, or use an ID bracelet. Our staff always checks for name/phone number labels on clothes when they find a solo child in the park.

The children and parents can always contact our staff in the park. They should be easily recognizable with their bright green uniforms with Mikkel’s logo. If we find a child that has been separated from their parents, or if parents cannot find their child, we have established procedures for this.

Map of the park