Rules for swimming in Mikkelparken

Mikkelparken has their own lifegueards with approved CPR courses. However, all children must be supervised by an adult that can swim.

Before swimming, we reccomend you get to know the depth of the pools. In Mikkelparken we have different pools with depth of 40 cm, 80 cm, 110 cm and 120 cm. We also have two infant pools that are 25 cm deep.

You should be minimum 130 cm to go on the big slide by yourself. Do not go with your head first in the water slides and do not ride to close together.

All children using diapers must wear swim diapers when they are in the pools and splash area. Swim diapers can be bougth at the entrance, at the reception of Mikkelparken Ferietun, or at SPAR.