Info about Covid-19

Mikkelparken og Mikkelparken Ferietun is following the situation around COVID-19 closely.

We are adapting to advices and recommendations from our health authorities, and we strongly urge all our guests to follow the national norwegian advices of keeping at least 1 meter distance to other families, practice good hygien and caugh/sneeze in your elbow.
Guests who are in quarantene or have symptoms of respiratory infection should not visit Mikkelparken or Mikkelparken Ferietun.

Mikkelparken Ferietun’s health and safety measures:

  • We encourage our guests to avoid unnessecary visits in the reception, and rather call us if they have questions. If you see there are many people in the reception, we kindly ask you to wait outside. 
  • More focus on digital information to our guests before and during the visit, to minimize visits in the reception. 
  • We urge our guests to pay for their stay in advance, and send out payment link. This to minimize the time spent in the reception to avoid que. 
  • Signs and marks to encourage guests to keep distance all over our area. 
  • Increased focus on cleaning on all contact surfaces, activities and in the reception. More frequent cleaning done by our personell, and more antibacterial stations. 
  • Increased focus on cleaning in our accommodation. All contact surfaces in our cabins/aparmtnets/glamping tents are desinfected between each guest. 
  • It’s not allowed to bring sleeping bags to the cabins/aparments/glamping tents. If you bring your own bed linen, it must be washed in at least 60 degrees celcius and not used in any other accommodation before your arrival to Mikkelparken Ferietun. 
  • We urge you to pay with card and use the “tapping” function when possible.

Mikkelparken’s health and safety measures:

Opening hours

Mikkelparken will follow the normal opening hours from 10:00 – 18:00

It’s important that you have your ticket (your receipt with QR code) ready for scanning when you arrive at the park. If you cannot find your tickets, please contact us on phone or e-mail before going to the park, and we will help you. 

Number of guests

This summer, we will have a maximum amount of guests in Mikkelparken at the same time. All tickets will be scanned, so we have control of our guest number and who has visited us each day. Mikkelparken spreads over an area of 30 000 sqm, and moste of the area is outdoors. The number of guests we let in, will be considered from the size of the park and the capacity of our different attractions and areas. 

No matter the numer of guests, we remind you that you as a guest must also take responsibility to keep distance to other families. 

Prebooking tickets

To accommodate the health and safety requirements, there will be a limited number of guests entereing the park each day. Thus it will only be possible to buy tickets in advance, and for specific dates. You can not buy tickets at the park entrance. Tickets must be booked here
We recommend you to book your tickets early as it might get sold out. 

In light of the corona situation, we offer free cancellation and refund of tickets until 14 days before the ticket date. If you have booked your ticket together with accommodation in Mikkelparken Ferietun, and have purchased the cancellation insurance, this will cover the tickets as well. 

You can change the date on your ticket up until 14 days prior to your arrival, as long as there is available capacity on the new date. You can do this yourself by cancelling your current booking in exchange for a value code to buy new tickets. This you do in “Min side” on your reservation.

In order to have a more predictable number of guests, we have stopped the sale of the seasonal passes until further notice. 

Birthday kids up to 12 years have free entrance on their birthday. They don’t need to get the tickets in advance, they are registered at the entrance of the park.

Wash your hands!

Hand hygiene will be a big focus here in Mikkelparken this summer. We have made a big new hand-washing station just outside the entrance. We ask all our guests to wash their hands before and after the visit in the park. There will be stations for hand desinfection by all attractions, dining areas and around the park. It’s nice if you bring your own hand desinfection as well for you and your family. 

Illness/quarantine – stay home

In case of illness or imposed quarantine, one shall not visit Mikkelparken. We practise the same rules for our staff members. If you have pre-ordered tickets and have become ill, we ask you to contact us i order to move your tickets to a new date.  

Stay with your family, keep distance to other families

To avoid infection, we ask you to stay with your family and to keep a distance of minimum 1 meter to other families.  Watch out for your children, they may find it difficult to keep distance . 

Extra cleaning

This summer we have a extra focus on cleaning.  All our playground equipment and sitting areas are beeing disinfected daily. There will also be hand disinfection available. Some attractions will be disinfected in between every guest, while others will be disinfected regularly throughout the day. Toilets, changing rooms and baby care rooms will be cleaned more frequent than before. Nevertheless, we urge you and your family to practice good hand hygiene. 

Help your own children

To avoid unnecessary contact with our staff members, we will sometimes ask parents to help or assist their own children. This will be for instance by the raceway or the bump boats, where parents can assist their children in and out of the cars/ boats.

Keep distance

The 1-meter-rule is a national guideline in Norway. There has been made distance labeling and family circles with 1 meter apart  in areas where queues are expected. We ask everyone to keep this distance and to proceed to the next circle when it is free. Parents must take responsibility for their children and make sure they also follow the guidlines.  

Food services in Mikkelparken

Skoskogen cafè:

Will be serving pizza, hotdogs, cinnamon buns and “grab and go” products. The salad bar is closed due to the circumstances, but there will be ready-made salads available. Coffee, soda, slush, water and something sweet can also be purchased here. Baby food and a microwave for heating can be bought and used here. Self-service checkout, only cashless payment. 

Solkroa (by the entrance):

Will be serving a set BBQ plate for adults and children. You can also buy sausage with fries.

There are several unmanned kiosks around the park where you can purchase ice cream, soda, coffee and something sweet. All the kiosks have self-service checkout, so only cashless payment available. 

It’s allowed to bring your own food into Mikkelparken. We also have 2 gas grills available that you can borrow to cook. These are free of charge, but you must bring your own equiptment. It’s not allowed to use disposable grills in Mikkelparken. 

The entrance to the park is the only staffed cashier and the only place we accept cash. We would rather avoid payment with cash, so we urge you to use your card where you can. 


Our shows and showcases must adjust to the restrictions from the government regarding “public events”. That means maximum 200 persons per show in Mikkelparken. We have marked the ground with “family circles” so it’s easier to keep distance to other families. 

Mikkeline will still be able to accept the children’s pacifiers, but there will not be possible with hugs or any close contact with Mikkeline or the other mascots. You can still take your picture with the mascots, just without fysical contact. We urge the parents to help children keep the distance. 

Children’s expectations

We appreciate that you talk to your children about their expectations to the visit in Mikkelparken before departure. It’s nice that the children are prepared for attractions/meeting with the mascots not being 100% as normal.

We will update this page continously as there is new information from the government, and from our own experiences. Please contact us in or phone (+47)53671313 if you have any further questions.